Welcome to the Lake County Library System located in Lake County, Florida. Your gateway to a world of information

Welcome to the Lake County Library System located in Lake County, Florida. Your gateway to a world of information

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Become a Literacy Volunteer

There is no typical adult literacy or English Language Learner (ELL). They are of all ages and races, they are both women and men, and come from all economic or social backgrounds. They may have completed the K-12 education system or left before graduation, but did not acquire skills for one of several reasons - a childhood illness that resulted in long absences from school, an undiagnosed learning disability, frequent changes in schools, or the need to leave school to work. ELL learners may be literate in their native language, or unable to read and write at all.

Literacy Volunteers make it possible for the Lake County Library System Adult Literacy Program to assist these adults improve their English literacy skills. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available for you to choose from - you select what you want to do. Opportunities include: tutor, tutor mentor, learner orientation, computer and learning lab assistant, and program assistant.

Volunteer qualifications: You must be at least 18 years old; agree to the background screening policy; be dependable and prompt; be able to relate well to a variety of people; be willing to maintain the confidentiality of the learners; have good listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills; have basic computer skills; and be flexible and patient. And, of course, training is essential. All volunteer tutors are required to participate in training before their first meeting with an adult learner. Volunteers also have access to professional development workshops; an e-mail support ‘tree’; web-based management system; and a full-range of literacy materials located in each library.

So, you think you have what it takes to be a great adult literacy volunteer— please contact your local Lake County Library or call (352) 253-6183 or email us for more info at Literacy Coordinator.

Lake County Volunteer Services
Visit the Lake County Volunteer Services pages to learn more about being a Lake County volunteer or to download the volunteer application packet. In an effort to provide the most professional experience for the volunteers and the programs you will be working with, all potential volunteers are required to complete a background check. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Jeanine Nelson at 352-343-9596 or jnelson@lakecountyfl.gov.