Welcome to the Lake County Library System located in Lake County, Florida. Your gateway to a world of information

Welcome to the Lake County Library System located in Lake County, Florida. Your gateway to a world of information

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News Release

For immediate release - January 26, 2023

Beanstack: Your FitBit for Reading

How do you track your reading: pen and paper, on the computer, or on your phone? Lake Libraries have partnered with Beanstack to make tracking your reading even easier!

Beanstack is a web-based reading challenge software. Use Beanstack on the web or via the app to track your reading, write book reviews, participate in library reading challenges and get rewards.

How does tracking work?

Beanstack acts like a FitBit in that you can log your reading by books, minutes, pages, and days. You can also track activities within challenges. Beanstack motivates consistent reading habits with Streaks and Achievements. Each consecutive day logged adds a day to your reading streak. When you hit major reading milestones, like logging your first book or maintaining a lengthy reading streak, Beanstack will reward you with an Achievement.

How do challenges work?

Lake Libraries host challenges to engage readers of all ages. See our current challenges on our Beanstack website: mylakelibrary.beanstack.org. Digital badges are rewarded for completing challenges and help to further motivate your reading. Physical prizes can also be earned for some challenges. Right now, we have the following challenge available for readerss:

  • Genre Challenge (February 1 – April 30, 2023): A reading challenge that encourages readers to expand their reading comfort zone and try new genres. Requires interaction with the app (answering simple questions) to receive credit for badges.

How do I sign up?

Now that you know how Beanstack works, it’s time to sign up! Follow the steps below to get started today:

On the web

  • Go to our Beanstack website: mylakelibrary.beanstack.org
  • Click on “Register an Individual or Family”
  • Fill in your info! Beanstack allows families to be linked together, so all family members can be accessed with one login.

On the app

  • Go to your device’s app store and search “Beanstack Tracker”
  • Search for “Lake County Library System”
  • Click on your library
  • Follow the steps to register an individual or family


Media contact:
Eileen Eazsol
Program Specialist

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