Lakeline Kids Story Corner Story

Starry Night
By Kaliee Turk

Starry Night


I often find myself wondering what lies beyond the stars.

You used to tell me stories about how you would stare into

The night sky and talk to them when you were lonely.

How sometimes they would talk back.


There have been nights when I would do the same.

I would talk to them and they would talk back.

They were always there for me,

Even on the clearest of nights.


One star stood out from the others.

When it spoke, all I could hear was your voice.

The calm and soothing lullaby you would sing to me

At night when my thoughts became too much.


Maybe that’s what heaven is.

Watching your loved ones from the night sky,

Hypnotizing them with your sweet lullabies.

Please come back to me.